Corey Thomas HappyFaces.jpeg

Corey Thomas, VP of Finance

Corey Thomas, CPA, is not your stereotypical accountant. Unlike the image of a quiet, studious type, in his free time Corey is more likely to be on a patio, on an ice rink, or on a surfboard, than behind a computer screen.  New acquaintances are usually surprised to know he has more than a dozen years’ experience in accounting, ranging from the nuts and bolts of small businesses to financial operations of a large, multinational company. His business acumen even extends to a stint as marketer, where he applied his strategic thinking to the Canadian marketing of the world’s largest cereal brand.

His passion both in the office and out is developing people, evident by his management style, his mentoring of CPA candidates and his on-ice presence coaching elite seven year olds and not-so-elite four year olds.