Joline Matika, Vice President

Born in Woodstock, Ontario, Joline Matika is a small-town girl at heart and is certain that is why she connects with people almost instantly…that and her ability to spin a good yarn. A wise friend once told her, it doesn’t have to be a good story, it just needs to be told in an interesting way. And, her friends will tell you she has a knack for storytelling.

Joline has been crafting and telling stories for iconic brands for over 10 years. She is known as a human Swiss-Army knife - skilled in brand strategy, campaign development and integrated channel planning. An obsessive problem solver and trusted advisor, she builds lasting relationships with her clients with the constant ambition of driving their business forward. When she’s not on the clock, Joline is hugging trees, hugging/saving dogs and hugging her adorable daughters.

She is a former elite athlete, loves to travel and is a huge fan of the Toronto Raptors.  Oh and she and her husband Markus are the 2009 Canadian Wife-Carrying Champions, a story she would be happy to share with you over a pint of her favourite Muskoka beer.