We're Hiring a Summer Intern!

Internship Period: May 1st - August 31st, 2018

Republic is looking for superstars who see the experience gained through this internship as a valuable opportunity to learn and be mentored by some of the industry’s leaders.

In the storytelling process, envision yourself as an apprentice - one who learns from our team in developing the backstory to many of our projects and campaigns, all the while laying a strong foundation to a bright and exciting career. Through this training opportunity, you will gain knowledge in all forms of the communications industry and develop a solid understanding of all key elements of our client work by supporting our programs and projects across the agency to ensure timely, cost effective, quality management and delivery.

You Are Described As...

  • Courageous
  • Curious
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Empathetic
  • Collaborative/team focused
  • Detailed and organized
  • Resourceful
  • Authentic 

A Day in the Life of Your Internship

  • Digital and social media – coverage, monitoring, reporting and calendars
  • New business research
  • Internal server management
  • Tracking of Republic, client and industry news
  • Research
  • Intel projects
  • Contact reports
  • Republic marketing

How We Will Define Your Success

  • Completion of all items listed on the internship: Projected ‘To-Do List’
  • You feel like you’ve received training and experiences to begin a career in marketing and communications

  • Your team lead sees you as positively contributing to Republic


  • Post-Secondary degree or diploma in Marketing or Communications (in progress or completed)
  • Competent computer software skills in Mac and Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • You are looking for a fun and exciting opportunity to kick start your career


The experiences you will gain through this internship will far outweigh the pay. You will do more than just paper push and get coffee; you will have the opportunity to work directly alongside our account teams. Because each of our client’s stories are diverse, you will receive training on campaigns and projects that will touch a variety of disciplines from digital marketing to advertising to media relations (and the list goes on).

We are looking for superstars who see the experience gained through this internship as a valuable opportunity to learn and be mentored by some of the industry’s leaders.

A $500 honorarium will be given upon a successful completion the four-month (4) internship.

Please send your cover letter and resume to hello@republicstory.com

Republic Introduces Content Role, Promotes One, Adds Growth and People Position

People moves further refine purpose-driven agency’s focus on strategy and storytelling

Toronto, ON, February 8, 2018 – Kathy Murphy, President of Republic, today announced that Republic is adding new in-house content creation capabilities with the hire of Michael Kolberg as Senior Content Creator, Editor and Producer. The agency is also introducing a new Manager of Growth and People position, which will be assumed by Alycia Walker, and promoting Julia Ludwig to Senior Account Manager.

Kolberg is joining Republic from Grip where he conceptualized and created video content for clients like Honda and The Terry Fox Foundation. His previous experience also includes roles as a video producer at Rogers, editor of an online news site and a staff reporter at Brunico Communications. Kolberg will be working closely with Republic’s creative directors to visually and creatively bring clients’ stories to life. He will be reporting to Republic President, Kathy Murphy, while she continues to grow the agency’s capabilities in this area.

“We are in an audience democracy where the power to choose both the channel and the content is in their hands,” says Murphy. “Compelling content that earns the eyeballs of those we want to engage with in the channels where they are, is crucial to freeing stories of passion and purpose with passion and purpose. Michael’s experience and commitment to bringing these stories to life is a critical enabler for us to do that for our clients.”

Julia Ludwig is being promoted to Senior Account Manager and will help to manage many of the agencies clients including Everest Funeral Concierge, Muskoka Brewery, the Town of Bracebridge and FCPC.

Alycia Walker is moving into the newly created position of Manager of Growth and People. In this role, she will oversee Republic’s marketing and new business activities as well as people and development needs.

“We’re building the agency we’ve always wanted to work for. A place where talent from across marketing disciplines can come together for one purpose: to tell the stories of the brands and businesses that are making a difference - in their industries, in their communities and in our world,” added Murphy. “Recruiting and fostering great talent from all marketing disciplines is integral to our ability to help our clients advance their purpose and grow their businesses.”

A Republic Primer
Republic brings talent together from across marketing disciplines for one purpose: to tell the stories of the brands and businesses that are making a difference - in their industries, in their communities and in our world. At Republic there are no silos. The agency works across paid, earned, shared and owned channels to engage with audiences where they are. Republic partners with a roster of catalysts, change-makers and community builders like Muskoka Brewery, Everest Funeral Concierge, Agreement Express, Canada Company, Insurance for Children, Canadian Tire, Starbucks, SOTI, the Town of Bracebridge, FCPC, Lawrence Plaza and Fowler Construction. #FreeYourStory.

Check us out online at ‪Republicstory.com

Twitter: @RepublicVox

Instagram: @RepublicSelfie

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/republic_


Media Contact
Alycia Walker – Republic
416-537-4444 x1008


Republic Rings in 2018 With 4 Account Wins

Republic, the content focused, media-neutral, strategy and storytelling agency, today announced the growing firm has secured two new client wins: Fintech leader Agreement Express and industry group BILD GTA, as well as renewed partnerships with Muskoka Brewery and FCPC (Food and Consumer Products Canada).

Republic will be helping all four clients develop empathy-driven stories, through meaningful content, delivered across paid, earned, shared and owned channels.

“We’re really proud to partner with all of these amazing catalysts, changemakers and community builders to help them free their stories of passion and purpose with passion and purpose,” says Kathy Murphy, President and Partner at Republic. “In this audience democracy era, we’re eager to help them engage in the channels where their audiences are with content that will have impact.”

Republic will now be working with Agreement Express, a Canadian-based global onboarding automation company for payments, wealth management and financial services. Republic will support Agreement Express with integrated communications including the development of a podcast series, thought leadership video content, infographics, social media strategy and earned media placements.

The agency is also working with BILD GTA. The voice of the home building, land development and professional renovations industry in the Greater Toronto Area has engaged Republic to provide support with their written content needs.

After working together for three years, Republic will partner with Muskoka Brewery again for 2018. Republic has supported the much-loved beer brand for the past three years. In 2018, Republic will reinforce Muskoka Brewery’s position in the growing craft beer space developing creative campaigns for the Masterbrand, Craft Lager and Detour.

After helping FCPC develop their three-year strategic plan in 2017, the largest voice of the Canadian food, beverage and consumer products industry is bringing Republic on board to continue to help them evolve their story in 2018. Republic is also assisting them with their social media strategy.

Republic Perspective: Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Change

As you may have heard, Facebook recently announced changes to their News Feed that will prioritize posts from your network of connections and limit visibility from Pages (aka businesses, brands, media). While Mark Zuckerberg made a very valid point that this change is ultimately a measure to establish ‘meaningful connections’ amongst family and friends, it does have some industry folks a little worried as their content (especially if it is organic) is going to see even less reach. The date of when these changes will take effect has not yet been confirmed nor has Facebook communicated to what extent they plan to roll this out. We, as many others, anticipate that it will come into effect gradually and will probably take cues from the results of the test that the platform is doing in certain markets where they have split up the News Feed into two (posts from Pages are in a separate ‘Explore’ feed).         

Although this could be troublesome for some agencies and brands, we see the silver lining in all of this. When we think of creative, we don’t just think about slapping a brand logo on a stock image, writing a half-pithy headline and calling it a day (sorry for those that do – we guess). Instead, we look to the data and what that says about our audience and how (when and why) they consume content and build our creative on that strong foundation. 

Republic Perspective_17JAN18.png

So, this doesn’t change our thinking for creative. We always strive to make great creative that serves a purpose in people’s lives (and their News Feeds aka their online lives) that they want to engage with. Paid is still going to be important but there will be more emphasis on engagement of posts from Pages and that will ultimately help the algorithm determine what to serve in your News Feed. We will continue to work with our partners to help them understand that while they might see slight dips, change is inevitable. It’s our job to stay on top of the change, develop content plans and creative that is great, be adaptable and forge ahead!

How a Unique Sports Property Changed the Face of Curling

As the country’s top curlers travel to Ottawa to compete to represent Canada and the 2018 Winter Olympics, we couldn’t help but reminisce about this summer’s Everest Curling Challenge. 

Earlier this year, Everest Funeral Concierge, the first nationwide funeral planning and concierge service, set out to redefine the sport of curling with the launch of the Everest Curling Challenge (ECC). A live, 17 hour broadcast that aired across North America, the ECC was a unique opportunity to engage with curling fans during the sport’s off-season. Leveraging a partnership with TSN and ESPN3, Everest was able to deliver this net-new sport property to a broader audience. 

It was an all-hands-on-deck project for the Republic team, who, guided by our belief that there is always an opportunity to craft a story and amplify it through meaningful content, worked closely with Everest and its partners to deliver a special experience for fans. From developing an online voting campaign enabling fans to vote their favourite teams into the competition, social and digital advertising, event planning, sponsorship development, social media management, content development and everything in-between, we were able to immerse ourselves into the sport and witness firsthand the passion and sportsmanship of the community. 

The ECC demonstrated the power of rallying a group of people behind a shared belief. By reaching curling fans and their desire to grow the sport in new ways, Everest was able to push the boundaries and create a successful sport property.

Missed the broadcast earlier this year? Watch the full highlight reel for a little taste of the action! 

SOTI First to Combine Mobility and IoT Management with the Introduction of Linux Support

SOTI simplifies management of complex mobility and IoT deployments for business-critical mobility solutions


Niagara Falls, CANADA – SOTI SYNC – September 26, 2017: Today at SOTI SYNC, the company’s global customer and partner conference, SOTI announced the first Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to manage mixed mobility and IoT deployments, with the introduction of support for Linux. This is part of the newest update to the company’s flagship EMM product, SOTI MobiControl, available from October 31, 2017.

SOTI MobiControl will now enable remote support of Linux-based devices, machines and intelligent IoT endpoints. Remote access empowers IT departments to diagnose and fix a problem in the field, while file sync ensures devices have the latest content such as files and configurations. SOTI MobiControl protects Linux devices against unauthorized access and exploits, by hardening Linux endpoints against attacks, ensuring devices are not left with default passwords, and automating and scheduling OS and app updates to patch vulnerabilities. All communication between the device and SOTI MobiControl is secured, preventing attacks.


This announcement comes on the heels of the SOTI ONE platform launch on May 9, 2017, further demonstrating the company’s visionary advancements into managing the next wave of enterprise mobility.


“We recognized a major gap in the marketplace: the need for a single, integrated solution to secure and easily manage mobile devices, as well as the dedicated-devices commonly in use by businesses. We are also seeing a plethora of IoT endpoints, many of which are on Linux, that will access the corporate network and therefore require intelligent management,” said Graham Watts, Principal Product Manager at SOTI. 


“Mobility is changing the way we work. Businesses need to support mobile workers wherever they are – in the field, warehouse, storefront, or hospital room – no matter the form factor or OS. SOTI has been laser focused on empowering our customers to do exactly this for 20 years. Our newest version of SOTI MobiControl with Linux support is a powerful step along the important journey of enabling our customers to take full advantage of the next wave of mobility. Our proactive roadmap and delivery of visionary technology addresses the problems the enterprise will face, readying them for the mobile-first future with unmatched security and control.”


Gartner predicts that by 2020 there will be 30 billion devices connected to the internet.[1] That’s billions of endpoints from sensors, actuators, printers, scanners wearables robots and other devices not yet imagined, which will be tasked with delivering essential business operations with technology not yet developed. With its lower cost and open-source nature, many of these endpoints will be running Linux and all require comprehensive, full life-cycle management and security. In today’s hyper-connected world, SOTI MobiControl goes beyond traditional mobility management of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, by securely managing the growing list of IoT devices running the Linux OS. SOTI MobiControl is the only solution to offer full management of Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows and now, Linux.


From our homes, offices, hospitals, schools and factories, Linux is all around us, but until now, Linux management has been largely ignored by traditional mobility management vendors. From state-of-the-art supercomputers and mission-critical enterprise servers, to tiny sensors and endpoints, Linux is an open-source, low-cost alternative to expensive commercial operating systems, and the operating system of choice for over 80 per cent of IoT devices and 67 per cent of IoT gateways.[2]


In its newest update, SOTI MobiControl 14 has many new functionalities to help IT departments reduce downtime and workload, decrease maintenance-related expenses and cut cost through automation and scheduling. These updates directly address concerns felt by 52 per cent of employees who, according to a global study carried out by Arlington Research, feel mobility downtime seriously hinders their ability to work.


·       SOTI MobiControl 14 introduces a re-designed administration console that simplifies the management of large, complex mobility and IoT deployments. The re-design includes powerful search capabilities, new dynamic dashboards, and reporting enhancements that will empower IT Administrators to quickly troubleshoot and resolve mobile issues and improve visibility into their device deployments.


·       SOTI MobiControl 14 also adds enhanced API support to enable full automation of device and application management from strategic enterprise solutions. Additionally, it includes many enhancements to improve the management of Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows devices.


In addition to the updates to SOTI MobiControl, SOTI ONE’s integrated suite of solutions are helping businesses deliver on a connected future. Available for beta trials, SOTI Snap, a cross-platform, rapid mobile applications development solution enables companies to take the cost, complexity and coding out of mobile application development for business. SOTI is also announcing SOTI Central, the company’s online community and marketplace for partners and customers to get answers from product experts, interact, and browse a library of products and services built around SOTI ONE solutions.


General availability for SOTI MobiControl 14, SOTI Snap and SOTI Central will commence on October 31, 2017.


To learn more about recent developments to the SOTI ONE platform, visit:

·       Blog: What’s New in SOTI MobiControl 14

·       Blog: SOTI Snap – Zap the App Gap

·       Blog: SOTI Central – An Online Community for Collaboration




For media inquiries, please contact:

Stephanie Lopinski


+1 519-998-1966



About SOTI Inc.

SOTI is the world's most trusted provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, with more than 17,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. SOTI's innovative portfolio of solutions and services provide the tools organizations need to truly mobilize their operations and optimize their mobility investments. SOTI extends secure mobility management to provide a total, flexible solution for comprehensive management and security of all mobile devices and connected peripherals deployed in an organization. For more information, visit www.soti.net.



[1] Gartner, “Eight Dimensions of Business Ecosystems Enable the Digital Age,” by Betsy Burton, Marcus Blosch, Hung LeHong, Kristin R. Moyer.  April 12, 2017

[2] Eclipse Foundation, “IoT Developer Survey Results.” April 18, 2017


SOTI Continues Rapid Growth in Business-Critical Mobility with Global Expansion, New Customers, New Partners and Industry Accolades

Global Enterprise Mobility Management leadership position validated with growing business, industry awards and analyst recognition

Niagara Falls, CANADA – SOTI SYNC – September 26, 2017: SOTI, the world's most trusted provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, today announced continued revenue growth, expanded operations, an increased partner ecosystem and impressive feedback from industry experts with the most recent evolution of its innovative platform, SOTI ONE.

With the launch of the SOTI ONE platform in May, the company has grown the number of customer trials by 57 per cent from the previous year. The positive response globally demonstrates the strength and need for a platform like SOTI ONE. The business has also achieved 38 per cent revenue growth in its channel ecosystem; with nearly 3,000 channel partners including resellers, distributors and 150 OEM partners operating in 195 countries around the world. 

Building on a 20-year history of supporting business-critical mobility, SOTI continues to grow globally with operations in 195 countries, including operational expansion in the UK, Australia and its global headquarters based in Canada this year. 2017 brought the company its largest year in revenue growth, and new customers including McDonald’s, Kiabi and St Ives.

“Mobility has evolved from a ‘nice to have’ to fundamental to the success of the operations and systems that run today’s business, which we call ‘business critical',” stated Carl Rodrigues, CEO of SOTI. “With continued technology advancements, increasingly companies are looking to establish relationships with partners who have the ability to support their business-critical mobility needs. At SOTI, we pride ourselves on being trusted and reliable advisors to our partners, as we continue to develop innovative mobility solutions for the biggest mobility challenges faced by the enterprise.”

SOTI continues to be recognized by the industry for its innovation and leadership through awards such as the Deloitte Fast 500 as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, Innovator of the Year at the Stevies, the Ingenious Award for innovative use of technology to help businesses perform, Elevate Toronto’s Spotlight Awards as a technology unicorn, and as one of PC Mag’s “Best Mobile Device Management Solutions.”

Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, Ovum and The Radicati Group are also taking notice of SOTI:

·       The Gartner 2017 Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites[1] gave SOTI top placement in the category devoted to special-purpose device support, and recognized SOTI with a Visionary placement within the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Suites, 2017[2].

·       SOTI received the 2017 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. Each year, Frost & Sullivan selects the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers and focus on delivering strong ROI of their services or products.

·       Ovum named SOTI as a Leader within their 2017-2018 EMM Solutions Decision Matrix in EMM. The analyst firm recognized SOTI for new mobile application development and BI capabilities, complementing SOTI’s already strong EMM functionality, continuing to develop its vertical market focus, and for embracing a platform approach to endpoint management, of which EMM is a fundamental element. 

·       For the second consecutive year, The Radicati Group once again named SOTI a Top Player in its prestigious Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Market Quadrant. SOTI was recognized for the breadth and depth of functionality of SOTI MobiControl, its solid strategic vision, and well-established presence in business-critical mobility. SOTI was also lauded for providing a single pane of glass for managing and securing not only smart phones, tablets and PCs/laptops, but also, connected peripherals, IoT devices and a growing spectrum of connected endpoints.

Frost & Sullivan was particularly impressed with SOTI’s customer centricity and MobiControl’s comprehensive set of capabilities at competitive price points. “SOTI is considered a visionary for its ability to recognize the need for a concerted and coordinated effort to optimize security and management across multiple Android versions. SOTI is also at the front of the curve when it comes to IoT device support, including wearables. These visionary moves continue to burnish the SOTI brand in the North American marketplace,” said Industry Director, Jeanine Sterling at Frost & Sullivan.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Stephanie Lopinski


+1 519-998-1966



About SOTI Inc.

SOTI is the world's most trusted provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, with more than 17,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. SOTI's innovative portfolio of solutions and services provide the tools organizations need to truly mobilize their operations and optimize their mobility investments. SOTI extends secure mobility management to provide a total, flexible solution for comprehensive management and security of all mobile devices and connected peripherals deployed in an organization. For more information, visit www.soti.net.




[1] Gartner, “Critical Capabilities for EMM Suites,” by Rob Smith, Chris Silva, Manjunath Bhat, Bryan Taylor, Terrence Cosgrove. June 28, 2017

[2] Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites,” by Rob Smith, Bryan Taylor, Manjunath Bhat, Chris Silva, Terrence Cosgrove. June 6, 2017