The Lancet, a leading medical journal recently stated that "an effective therapy for Alzheimer’s disease is perhaps the greatest unmet need facing modern medicine” and the Weston Brain Institute has sounded the alarm that without real advancements in treatment the Canadian healthcare system and the country’s economy will be crippled by the effects of dementia. When only slightly more than one percent of all drugs in the final stages of development are for the treatment of this insidious disease, it is imperative that Canada supports the scientists who are turning insights into impactful therapies. We are honoured to help the Weston Brain Institute in their mission to support this breakthrough science including with the announcement that the Garfield Weston Foundation has doubled its funding for Canadian neuroscience research into the diseases of aging to $100 million. Highlighting their “more than money” model, they celebrated this by opening the TSX on Thursday June 14, 2016 and augmented by coverage in the Globe & Mail. The Weston Brain Institute - in the business of breakthrough.