In the old world, advertising was king. The king is dead. Long live the Republic.


We are Republic. We are strategists and storytellers from across marketing disciplines who’ve come together to unearth emotive insights, create empathetic campaigns and deliver authentic connections across any media channel.

Empathy First.Period.

We believe Empathy is the most powerful marketing tool. Understanding emotion and motivation is the only way to build authentic connections that deliver results.

Know what they need. Go where they are.

The Power of the People.

In the emotion-driven economy all the power now rests in the hands of the people and not the brands they use.
It’s a new audience democracy.

We help you understand that and them.


Because we aren’t stuck in silos like traditional agencies we can help our clients truly understand what their audiences need and then connect with them across any and all media channels.


We are on a journey to build the agency we’ve always wanted to be a part of. Proudly we are a work in progress.

If you’re curious, call us.

219 Dufferin St, Suite 10A
Toronto, ON M6K 3J1