July 11, 2017

Affordability and Quality of Life in Bracebridge are Major Attractors for Business

Bracebridge, ON, July 6, 2017 --- The Town of Bracebridge today launched THE BRIDGE to More – an investment attraction campaign that intends to tap into that “Sunday night feeling” people have when they are forced to return to the city after a weekend in Muskoka. The campaign invites business owners and potential business owners to “See your future from THE BRIDGE” and consider the benefits of relocating full-time to Bracebridge in the heart of Muskoka.

“We are a unique community for anyone wanting to start or grow a business, and we want to show off our tremendous opportunities,” said Mayor Graydon Smith. “Beyond the amazing Muskoka lifestyle, Bracebridge has a variety of attributes critical for business success including supports for local businesses, location on a major transportation route, close proximity to international airports and the fastest Internet in Canada. So doing business from here is easy. Top that off with a hospital, a college and state-of-the art recreational facilities - amenities that many Ontario towns simply don't have – and in our opinion you have one of the best places to live and work. If you’re looking for more out of business and life, you’ll love the view from THE BRIDGE.”

THE BRIDGE to More campaign includes an online hub, TheBridgeToMore.ca, which showcases a series of videos where individuals who have successfully launched or re-located businesses in Bracebridge share their stories, and highlight the benefits of living and working in a place that offers more. The videos are also featured across Facebook and Twitter to help attract those looking to ditch the daily grind of urban living.

Daniel Collins, President and Founder of Brew Culture, a distributor of hops to breweries across Canada, who moved to Bracebridge from Vancouver, said the town offered what he needed to grow his business and live a great life outside the city. “Bracebridge stole our hearts pretty quickly,” he said. “To be able to essentially trade our condo for a five-bedroom house was a ‘no-brainer’ for us. When we lived in the city, all we did was work so that we could go north. Now we live north!” added Collins.

A recent survey of self-employed or potential business owners in Ontario found that four in ten urban business owners or potential business owners would consider moving to another community for an outstanding quality of life. Additionally, 63 per cent responded that they are likely to re-locate to a community that offers benefits such as less congestion, proximity to nature, and the ability to own land. This answer was even higher among Millennials at 68 per cent. A third of all respondents (34 per cent) cited urban congestion as the biggest challenge of city living. (See additional information about the survey in the attached backgrounder.)

Sixty per cent of all business owners defined a “fulfilling life” as the combination of three things: business success; quality of life; and lifestyle. Of the three, quality of life ranked highest. An affordable cost of living is considered a key component of the quality of life definition and was ranked as the single most important aspect among respondents.

THE BRIDGE To More campaign is designed to highlight how Bracebridge - long a popular destination in the centre of one of Canada’s most beautiful regions - brings all of the attributes of a fulfilling life together, creating a place where people want to live as well as make a living.  Bracebridge was recently named one of Canada’s Best Places to Live by MoneySense magazine.

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About the Town of Bracebridge

Named one of Best Places to Live in Canada 2016 by MoneySense magazine, the Town of Bracebridge in the heart of Muskoka is an economic and technology centre as well as the site of the regional government. Situated on the Muskoka River and Lake Muskoka, Bracebridge is a popular destination known for its natural beauty and year-round recreational activities. The combination of economic opportunities, facilities, services, proximity to a major transportation corridor and highly desirable lifestyle is making Bracebridge a place where people want to live as well as make a living. See your future from THE BRIDGE at TheBridgeToMore.ca or @townbracebridge #TheBridgeToMore

Research Backgrounder

Results from an Omnibus telephone survey among randomly-selected Ontario residents, aged 18 years of age and older, from May 24-30, 2017. Respondents identified themselves as self-employed or potential business owners.

Defining a Fulfilling Life
37% of those surveyed think “quality of life” is most important when defining a fulfilling life; the majority (60%) said “all of the above” (business success, quality of life, and lifestyle needs).

Challenges of Living in an Urban Centre
The largest number of respondents, 1/3 (34%) said ‘urban congestion’ was the biggest challenge of living in an urban centre

16% said ‘lack of green space and constant city noise’ and ‘lack of community-feeling’ were cited as other challenges

Quality of Life

When presented with a list of options for what makes a quality life – ‘an affordable cost of living’ ranked highest (48%) as the single most important consideration, followed by ‘flexibility to work when and where I want’ (15%), and ‘close proximity to nature or green space’ (13%).

Respondents said the second most important factor in determining quality of life include: ‘close proximity to nature or green space’ (19%).

Relocation Consideration
Two-thirds of respondents (63%) are very or somewhat likely to relocate somewhere that is in close proximity to nature, gives you the ability to own land, has award-winning multi-sport recreation facilities, delivers on a good quality of life and eliminates traffic congestion.

68% of Millennials (ages 18-34) are very or somewhat likely to relocate

Of those who currently live and work in an urban centre, 39% would consider moving to another community

Of these, 40% are Millennials and 41% are aged 35-54

*About the Survey

Innovative Research Group was commissioned to conduct a telephone phone survey among 600 randomly-selected Ontario residents, aged 18 years of age and older, from May 24-30, 2017. One respondent per household was eligible. The sample has been weighted by age, gender and region using the 2011 Census, to reflect actual demographic composition of the population. The margin of error is +/-4.0%. Among the people surveyed, 212 identified themselves as self-employed or potential business owners. The margin of error on this population of n=212 respondents is +/- 6.7%. When we examine only Millennials (aged 18-34) surveyed, the sample size is n=87 and the margin of error on this population is +/ 10.5%.