November 26, 2018

Back-To-Back B2B Storytelling

Republic has been helping free the stories of B2B companies by creating compelling content they can shout from the rooftops. In the two examples that follow, Republic started with empathy to determine the best way to create and deploy content that would achieve our clients’ objectives.

Shaking up an Industry with Thought-Leadership and Publish and Rally

We were tasked with increasing awareness of Everest’s B2B and B2C offerings with a specific objective to place content in front of key decision makers at insurance provider companies. We were looking to position Everest as an added benefit to their clients’ insurance plans. But first, we had to position the CEO, Mark Duffey, as an innovative thought-leader in the space. We began with an in-depth empathy mapping exercise to understand where our target of potential providers were spending most of their time and then determined the right type of content to disrupt them in their feeds. We landed on creating a campaign that would establish Mark Duffey as a thought-leader who not only knows his product and his consumer but understands what the industry needs to be successful: innovative consumer-centricity.

Today, we believe that PR no longer stands for Press Release, but for Publish and Rally. Republic secured Mark Duffey a spot at a traditional insurance conference, but the trick was in developing a non-traditional speech. By building a platform of how Everest does business ‘non-traditionally’, we established Mark as a thought-leader and a disruptor in the insurtech industry. We turned his non-traditional speech into a video and then developed a compelling byline that spoke to c-level executives in the insurance industry, unveiling the secret that engaging with millennials means providing a service, not a product. We placed the byline in the Leadership Lab section of the Globe and Mail, then put paid support behind the byline and the video. We targeted potential distribution partners, putting Mark Duffey and Everest Funeral Concierge on the map as an industry leader. Within three days, Mark Duffey got a call from the exact distribution partner he was looking to engage with.

As opposed to walking on stage and reading a case study aloud, we defined his story as one worth telling and better yet—one worth listening to.


Visual Storytelling at its Finest

Reliance is an industry leader in the GTA for furnaces, HVAC, plumbing and other endless services, but needed to showcase their capabilities to their B2B audiences. Republic partnered with Reliance to ideate, shoot and deliver a 60-second video to tell their brand story in a way that would foster pride amongst their employees and partners. We leveraged real Reliance employees and emphasized four pillars of their business: Experience, Collaboration, Professionalism and Community. This video told the authentic story of Reliance and was used at trade shows and conferences. We had such an amazing time shooting and producing this video! Check it out: