June 8, 2018

Building a Bridge to THE BRIDGE

In the heart of one of the country’s most beautiful regions, the Town of Bracebridge (THE BRIDGE) has something to offer everyone - whether you’re looking for a weekend away to pursue your passion, or to uproot from the city lifestyle and bridge success in business with fulfillment in life. Our partnership with them helps to tell these stories through experiences and content.

With summer just around the corner, we’re working on a Year Two campaign designed to position THE BRIDGE as the go-to destination in Muskoka for summer tourism; where one can curate their own experiences based on personal preferences.

We’re leveraging VisitTheBridge.ca, a landing page we created last year, that enables consumers to curate their own experiences based on their personal preferences for how they want to taste, create and live. By clicking on their ‘personality’ indicators (like what is your happy place, how your friends describe you and what your favourite Friday night out is) consumers are directly connected with businesses in the Town that can meet their needs. For this summer, we’ve implemented a robust Google AdWords campaign designed to drive more visitors to the site.

While THE BRIDGE feeds the soul of those hunting for a quick getaway, it’s also a desirable location for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to start, expand or relocate ones’ business. The business opportunities from THE BRIDGE are endless.

Leveraging compelling videos featuring local ambassadors that we created with Shine media last year, our content team – Bob Makinson and Michael Kolberg - created four social-friendly videos that articulated how THE BRIDGE can offer more.  Each video told the story of four foundational pillars: Prosperity, Opportunity, Lifestyle and Community.

This year, we’re amplifying the videos on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, strategically targeting those with interest in manufacturing and technology – two of the largest growing sectors in THE BRIDGE.

The videos are designed to give viewers a glimpse of what life could look like if they lived in THE BRIDGE.  Each video is accompanied by strong call-to-action post copy, encouraging viewers to discover more about THE BRIDGE by clicking through to the Town of THE BRIDGE’s Investment Attraction landing page – TheBridgeToMore.ca.

Whatever you’re looking to discover this summer, be sure to visit the Heart of Muskoka. You won’t be disappointed.

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