October 16, 2018

Free Your (Cannabis) Story

In less than 8 hours, cannabis will be legal in Canada. We’ve had the pleasure to work in this nascent industry since the legalization was a twinkle in the PM’s eye. So, on the eve of legalizing, we’d love to take this time to look back on all our work in this “budding” space. These catalysts and change-makers in the industry are making history as we tell their stories of passion and purpose, with passion and purpose.

Have you seen this cannabis safety PSA in your social feeds? The Neal Brothers and Republic banded together, telling Canada to #GetYourChipsHomeSafe. We delighted the brand’s fans with a fun safety reminder that also documents the journey of Canadian munchies from the shelf, to the backseat, to safe and sound at home.

Republic’s partnership with Marquee Health Group has also helped free their story by developing their strategy, positioning, logo and website, including the creation of their green sheet.

We developed a new positioning for the Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation (CGOC), revised their visual identity and refreshed the website to reflect the new narrative. On top of that, we leveraged a PESO (paid, earned, shared and owned) approach to their social media strategy, building upon CGOC’s reputation as a leader in its category.

The premium craft cannabis brand Muskoka Grown also grew compelling content from our partnership. At Republic, what you stand for is as important as what you sell. Starting from the ground up, we developed all aspects of their brand from their name, positioning, visual identity and through to their website and production of Stories.

And we’re not even done yet! As we continue navigating the industry, BlackShire Group, a private equity firm that focuses on cannabis investments in the global market, has asked us to refine their narratives, and to create important marketing assets for their business and partner brands.


We’re eager to watch how this space can transform lives and to see these brands shake up the digital industry. Happy Cannabis Legalization Eve!