June 12, 2018

#DockTheSugar, just add friends

As the world of marketing evolves, so do we. At Republic, PR no longer stands for Press Release, it stands for Publish and Rally. We believe we are in an audience democracy where the power to choose when, where and how a consumer interacts with your news and information is entirely in their hands. That’s why we always start with what we refer to as Citizen Empathy. We build plans from a media-neutral perspective, placing meaningful, compelling, and newsworthy content in earned channels and then boosting it directly to our clients’ target audiences.

This summer, we’re working with Muskoka Brewery to Publish and Rally for their new, ready-to-drink Muskoka Spirits Gin & Tonic Docker. Capitalizing on the newsworthy narrative of being the summertime sipper for calorie-conscious consumers, our campaign, #DockTheSugar, focuses on Docker’s USP: its nutritional profile. The #DockTheSugar campaign featured a vivid infographic developed in-house as well as product sample packages designed to generate earned influencer and media content.
We leveraged our relationships with influencers to generate valuable earned content and amplified through their own as well as Muskoka Brewery’s social channels. Check out some results:

Docker was also featured as being consumers’ #1 choice in this ready-to-drink roundup!
With only 9.9 grams of sugar per can, we encourage you to #DockTheSugar this summer! Muskoka Spirits Gin & Tonic Docker is available at LCBO today.

#FreeYourStory #DockTheSugar