February 4, 2019

Doing Things Differently With The Insurance Industry

Our Insuretech client, Everest Funeral Concierge, came to us with an extraordinary story. Mark Duffey, President and CEO, believes that things can be done differently in the insurance industry. And, that was proven through a very successful partnership Everest had with Canadian insurance company, ivari, who also believes in the importance of offering customer value. Together, they launched an industry-first insurance product featuring Everest’s unique service that is ground-breaking and over-delivering on results. The two companies are so pleased with the impact of this new approach, they wanted to share their experience with others in the industry. That’s where we came in.

Starting with empathy first, we put ourselves in the mindset of ivari and Everest so that we could understand what was meaningful to them about their partnership’s success. After achieving a deep understanding of their businesses, success metrics and perspectives, we were able to unearth how best to express this to the rest of the insurance industry. We determined that to really break through and capture the spirit of these innovators, we needed to tell the story visually.



We started by creating an engaging video featuring Everest’s Mark Duffey and ivari’s Jeffrey Fox. To ensure we broke through in the audience’s feeds, we stepped away from traditional case study video practices to bring a fresh creative approach to the story, using varying perspectives and close-ups to heighten the excitement of the typical talking head-interview and on-screen supers to punctuated powerful moments.

From there we published & rallied. We placed a written version of the case study along with the video in Insurance Business Canada and Life Health Canada – two sources the audience trusts and understands. Both the written and video case studies were amplified through the outlets’ newsletters and social channels. We then further amplified the content through paid support on LinkedIn. While still in its early days, the initial results of the campaign show strong engagement.


We loved working on this partnership story – a first for Everest and ivari – and we believe that video is critical for these tools. To find out how to #FreeYourStory, reach out to Fiona at fiona@republicstory.com.