January 17, 2018

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Change

As you may have heard, Facebook recently announced changes to their News Feed that will prioritize posts from your network of connections and limit visibility from Pages (aka businesses, brands, media). While Mark Zuckerberg made a very valid point that this change is ultimately a measure to establish ‘meaningful connections’ amongst family and friends, it does have some industry folks a little worried as their content (especially if it is organic) is going to see even less reach. The date of when these changes will take effect has not yet been confirmed nor has Facebook communicated to what extent they plan to roll this out. We, as many others, anticipate that it will come into effect gradually and will probably take cues from the results of the test that the platform is doing in certain markets where they have split up the News Feed into two (posts from Pages are in a separate ‘Explore’ feed).

Although this could be troublesome for some agencies and brands, we see the silver lining in all of this. When we think of creative, we don’t just think about slapping a brand logo on a stock image, writing a half-pithy headline and calling it a day (sorry for those that do – we guess). Instead, we look to the data and what that says about our audience and how (when and why) they consume content and build our creative on that strong foundation.

So, this doesn’t change our thinking for creative. We always strive to make great creative that serves a purpose in people’s lives (and their News Feeds aka their online lives) that they want to engage with. Paid is still going to be important but there will be more emphasis on engagement of posts from Pages and that will ultimately help the algorithm determine what to serve in your News Feed. We will continue to work with our partners to help them understand that while they might see slight dips, change is inevitable. It’s our job to stay on top of the change, develop content plans and creative that is great, be adaptable and forge ahead!