April 3, 2019

Meet ZED.

Meet ZED. The new kid on the agency block.

Republic subsidiary for and by Gen Z, partners with the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity on its first project.

Toronto, ON – April 3, 2019 – Republic today announced the launch of a subsidiary agency, ZED, that will help brands and businesses connect with younger consumers. Not only is the agency solely focused on the group demographers have dubbed “Gen Z”, it will be run by members of that generation who best understand the wants and needs of their peers.

ZED’s mission is to deliver impactful work that resonates with a Gen Z audience, and also provide emerging creators with job and portfolio-building opportunities, as well as mentorship.

A key element of the agency’s offering is the ZED Network, that enlists the participation of 16 to 24 year-olds from across Canada in a variety of ways for clients. The ZED Network will be active in the agency’s first project with the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity on the 2019 International Day of Pink on April 10th, as well as the exciting 2SLGBTQIA+ “Our History” initiative being launched at that time.

Led by Jacob Barnes and Fiona Scott, the ZED team includes Michelle Nguyen, ZED Network Manager, Karishma Karia, Strategy, and Cassie Chan, Creative. The group is actively hiring to build out its team and will leverage the industry expertise of Republic through a mentorship program headed up by Julie Wierzbicki.

Gen Z – the group of smart, entrepreneurial, socially conscious, and activist up-and-comers born between1995 and 2003 is fundamentally changing everything from food to social media to shopping and the workplace. Their spending power - estimated to be over $150 billion and growing  - is unprecedented, yet brands are struggling to connect with them.

According to Republic CEO, Beverley Hammond, ”We saw an opportunity to help marketers reach this group, but as an empathy marketing agency we knew it wasn’t enough to build an agency for an audience like this one. We believed it needed to be built by the audience. We call it ‘immersive empathy’. Enter ZED.”

“The rules of marketing no longer apply.  Long gone are the days of mass media and blanket messaging. Generation Z was born with technology in their hands and they are in control of who and what they invite into their lives, hearts, and wallets.” says Jacob Barnes, COO. Adding, “brands can no longer just observe their lives and experiences to effectively engage with this unique audience, so we felt it was important that those who are living the Gen Z experience be the engine of this agency.”

“We are an agency for a new generation, run by that generation. We’re inspired by the way things could be, not restricted by the way things were,” says ZED Managing Director, Fiona Scott. “We are calling on young Canadians to be part of this with us through our ZED Network, where they have the opportunity to contribute ideas and feedback and help us shape how brands communicate.  And we are calling on marketers who really want to understand how to reach them, and us, to call ZED.”


We recruiting 16-24 year-olds who feel the way we do to join our national ZED Network where they can contribute feedback and even ideas to help us shape how brands communicate with us: www.wearezed.com.


To learn more, please contact:
Fiona Scott
Managing Director, ZED

About ZED

A subsidiary of Republic, ZED is an agency for and by Gen Z that connects brands and businesses with this unique and powerful generation. In addition to our ZED team, the agency supports a network of young Canadians who will be called upon to participate in a variety of ways on client projects.

About Republic

Republic is a new-model Empathy Marketing agency based in Toronto. Our portfolio includes work with brands like AB INBev, BILD GTA, Canadian Tire, Everest, Muskoka Brewery, Neal Brothers Foods, SOTI, Starbucks, Summer, Fresh, Sun Life Financial, Weston Foods and Xplornet among many others. Our approach is grounded in audience empathy, so we work across all channels without bias to any one marketing discipline. Because we aren’t stuck in silos like traditional agencies, we are free to develop breakthrough creative and compelling narratives that really connect.

About the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) intersectionally promotes diversity in gender identity, gender expression, and romantic and/or sexual orientation in all its forms on a national level through services in the areas of arts, heritage, history, education, health, and advocacy. Our resources and programming can be used to uplift gender and sexual minorities, as well as give the tools to wider populations in building allyship.

As a leader in anti-discrimination work, CCGSD runs programming all over Canada and the United States. Because of our hundreds of volunteers, we are able to reach over 250,000 people annually. We are also a proud leader in the International Day of Pink (DayOfPink.org), engaging millions of people in wearing pink and to run programs that stand up to bullying. We encourage you to find out more about CCGSD & the International Day of Pink, and get involved in making your community a safer and more diverse place at http://ccgsd-ccdgs.org/.



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