February 1, 2019

Republic and mīhī: An Empathetic Approach to Building a Retail Brand

At Republic, deep empathy for our clients’ audiences is where our team of multi-disciplinary strategists and storytellers always start. We think of it as the Sober Second Thought for marketers, ensuring we don’t get caught up in the noise and complexity of the marketing world and instead create work that truly engages with the audience.

That’s why we’re so thrilled by the work we’ve been doing with mīhī, our inspiring cannabis retail client who is going to great lengths to put their customers at the center of everything they do. Through this lens, they are creating a non-judgmental and inclusive retail experience that provides the support people need as they continue along their individual and unique cannabis journeys.

Working from ethnographic research, Republic was tasked with bringing mīhī’s communications strategy to life, taking the brand essence and messaging pillars and hierarchy, and ultimately producing brand guidelines, a communications strategy, their brand expression and brand storylines. Alongside the great work of our partner, Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD), we were able to bring this into action in-store and online.

As communicators, it’s ironically hard to express how excited we are to be telling the story of this unique cannabis retail brand, being built by such a thoughtful and considered team. One that is laser focused on understanding and helping the lives of their customers.

Empathy, it’s a truly powerful tool for us all.



"Republic is a best in class partner! At mīhī we are building Canada’s most customer centric cannabis retailer and that is a great and unique challenge. We needed the best talent with the ability to internalize insights and translate into the customer’s voice and own cannabis journeys. Republic consistently over-delivers in every aspect and the best of it all is their team’s enthusiasm, creativity and passion. It is a pleasure to work with them!"

-Paloma Bentes, mīhī


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