August 10, 2018

Navigating the SocialScape

In the ultimate age of social media, what we choose to share or not to share all comes down to one thing: FOMO. Yesterday, we had Craig Worden, president of Pollara, come into the office and share with us the findings of the SocialScape 2018 social media report. We invited our clients to come listen in, and it resulted in an amazing round-table discussion of what social media can do for us, what to expect from a social campaign, and how the success metrics of these campaigns have shifted as social media has, too.

Here are some key findings we found interesting:


  • While almost all Canadian adults use social media, the majority of the activity is passive reading
  • 60 per cent of Online Canadians worry that social media is fostering hate or violence in society
  • Facebook continues to dominate, with 80 per cent of adult Online Canadians holding an account

With 80 per cent of Online Canadians still holding an account on Facebook, after such a shake-up this spring, no one in the room was surprised at this number. The FOMO is real: none of us expect the privacy we once had, yet, we were not deterred by the breach of it.

Interested to see more? Click here for the full SocialScape 2018 Report.