August 20, 2018

Republic celebrates community with Muskoka Grown

Republic has partnered with Muskoka Grown, a premium craft cannabis brand located in the heart of Muskoka, to free their story of passion, cultivation and community. We started by developing the brand positioning, enlisted designers Cale Jones and Michelle Donnelly for the creation of the Visual Identity, then developed the website and product strategy - all inspired by the beauty and magic of Muskoka. As well, our partners over at Stack Creative played a role in the website design and as a development partner.


As a community-focused cannabis company, Muskoka Grown will highlight people and businesses within their community that are making a positive impact, just like they intend to do through a variety of different initiatives. Featuring the stunning imagery of renowned fashion photographer, Andrew Soule, these stories are featured on the Muskoka Grown website in the monthly newsletter and on Instagram.

We’re not the only ones raving about Muskoka Grown—take a look at the feature article from Strategy on this beautiful work.





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