May 3, 2018

A Great Lager is Closer Than You Think

We’re extremely excited about our new “Gateway to Great Lager” campaign for Muskoka Brewery’s Craft Lager.

Gateway to Great Lager

Featuring creative that will intercept consumers as close to the point of purchase as possible on the streets, in their feeds and online, the campaign leverages the familiarity that specialty and import beer drinkers have with lagers and points out that there is a great one brewed close to where they are, in Muskoka. It will come to life through YouTube bumper ads, digital display banners, targeted social media creative, TSAs in close proximity to key Beer Store and LCBO locations in the GTA and radio.

A great lager is closer than you think – Craft Lager Radio

A Great Lager is Closer Than You Think. Try Muskoka Brewery’s Craft Lager today. #FreeYourStory