Everest Funeral Concierge helps streamline and simplify the funeral planning process for grieving families. Everest’s offerings are the first of its kind for the industry used by over 25 million people in North America. Republic was tasked with finding a new channel to drive awareness with curlers – a niche audience whose values align with Everest’s target.

"Thanks for being on top of this.  It’s a complex project but knowing you are leading the charge, I feel really great.  I am grateful you are on my business." - Mark Duffey, CEO, Everest


The sport of curling and Everest’s business share a parallel challenge: their futures rely on their ability to evolve and attract a new generation of players, fans and consumers. In the spirit of innovation, we created the Everest Curling Challenge (ECC), a new sport event with a unique mixed format featuring 32 of the world’s top curlers competing for the sport’s largest prize, all broadcast nationwide on TSN. The result was a net-new content property designed to elevate the sport and the Everest brand with consumers on and offline.

The broadcast was supported with a digital community engagement campaign. Fans were given the power to vote teams into the tournament.  We created a microsite as the hub for digital activity and developed a steady stream of content amplified from the ECC Facebook page, strategically boosting the posts to target curlers. Digital banner ads were placed on TSN’s website targeting pages most frequented by curling fans.


Exceeding voting campaign KPI by 2,290%

Event tickets sold out in 5 days

Campaign and televised event resulted in an increase in Everest’s brand awareness.

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