A deep dive into the beer landscape revealed that some macro beer drinkers were feeling confused and frustrated with their shopping experience. Which brands are truly craft? What’s the difference between lager, ale and stout? In a rapidly evolving beer market, how could Muskoka Brewery reinforce its leadership role in the craft segment while also increasing awareness and appeal with the macro consumer?


Most beer drinkers are already lager drinkers. The top ten beers sold at The Beer Store are lagers. Our campaign “Gateway to Great Lager” leveraged the familiarity of lagers with messaging about the traits of “great lagers,” to get beer drinkers comfortable trying a Muskoka Brewery Craft Lager.

We intercepted our audience as close to the point of purchase as possible with monster wild postings in specific “craft-centric” neighbourhoods in Toronto and Ottawa and TSA’s in close proximity to key Beer Store and LCBO locations in the GTA. The campaign was supported with radio that spanned the summer with a heavy up on long weekends.


85,919,812 total impressions generated

A double-digit spike in sales YoY

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