TESTED for Life in Canada is Canadian Tire’s long-term commitment to their customers to deliver quality products that have been tested for the jobs and joys for ‘Life in Canada’, by real Canadians. With the advent of ‘fake news’ and the increasing prominence of paid and disingenuous testimonials impacting consumer trust, Canadian Tire wanted to generate awareness of the authenticity of the program. Republic’s mandate was to leverage earned media to do so.

"Excited to work with you to bring this program to life! Thanks for your dedication." - Stephanie Nadalin, Manager, External Communications, Canadian Tire


To break through media and consumer filters, Republic created a compelling and newsworthy narrative designed to be the basis for all content – be it paid, earned, shared and owned. It featured results from research studies highlighting Canadians’ perceptions on trusted news sources and reinforced the importance of information coming from real, credible people.

Republic created a written tool to share with media as well as real TESTER spokespeople. We strategically placed a story in the Globe and Mail and conducted local, regional earned relations in key markets. Following our PESO approach, we also put paid support behind the results to boost the effectiveness of its reach.

Earned and Paid Results

Generated over 4 million impressions in Tier 1 and 2 publications

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