April 3, 2019

ZED-LINES 04.03.19


Fiona Scott
Managing Director, ZED

This is a really exciting time for Republic as we announce our subsidiary agency, ZED, created for, and by, Generation Z. A true marker of our empathy marketing approach, we realized that this unique audience demands authentic marketing that resonates with them, and we knew the best people to effectively engage this demographic is this demographic.

Beyond just a division or passion project at Republic, this idea warranted a space of its own to come alive.  Enter ZED. Under the guidance and mentorship of the Republic industry veterans, our network of Generation Z peers make up the ZED team.  Our first client is the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD). To find out more about ZED and the work we will be doing with the CCGSD, click here.

If you are, or know, a smart and motivated Generation Z member, ZED is yours to shape.

Join us and make your mark!   www.wearezed.com

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Long before the inception of ZED, the Republic team has been exploring the impact of Generation Z on society. Through our blogs first,  ‘This Week in Big Ideas’ and then ‘Zeitlines’ we have featured a variety of stories about the people, ideas and social norms that make up Generation Z. Read on.

This Week in Big Ideas – August 2018

Our Founder & CEO, Bev Hammond, recounts her eye-opening experience at The Future Design School Young Innovators Camp, watching a group of extremely smart Gen Zer’s solve important business problems with their extensive knowledge of technology.

This Week in Big Ideas – September 2018

Here we celebrate a 16-year-old founded an organization, The Ocean Cleanup, on a mission to collect 50 tonnes of plastic from the ocean this year. Incredible.

Zeitlines – October 2018

In this Zeitlines, we pull from CB Insights’ newsletter’s “Do You Teen?” – musing about some teen-run Instagram accounts that post content we completely don’t understand. But they do.

Zeitlines – October 2018

Republic team member, and Generation Z member, Michelle Nguyen, describes her perspective on life and work, including her tips for finding some balance with the resources available in our digital world.

Zeitlines – November 2018

This post compares Generation Z to Millennials and cautions about lumping them together.

Zeitlines – November 2018

We love this simple piece from Cassie Chan, Graphic Designer at Republic and ZED creative. So cute we can barely bear it!

Zeitlines – November 2018

Here we explore the latest and greatest in the app dating world – have you heard of Tinder’s Swipe Surge?

Zeitlines – December 2018

Roots and Shawn Mendes collaborated for a short-term pop up at the Eaton Centre in Toronto and this post talks about why it flopped with the Gen Z audience it meant to engage.

Zeitlines – December 2018

New Year’s Resolutions are tricky and sometimes downright stressful. Karishma Karia, Republic Account Coordinator and ZED Strategist, talks about how she felt as 2019 began.

Zeitlines – February 2019

Identity is a really important topic that Gen Z grapples with on a daily basis. Cassie Chan returns to describe her experience with identity.

Zeitlines – February 2019

Here admittedly clueless non-Gen Zer’s grapple with new technologies like Tik Tok and Houseparty.

Zeitlines – February 2019

In this Zeitlines, I talk about my fascination with Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old climate change activist and amazing storyteller.

Zeitlines – March 2019

This is me talking about Greta Thurnberg again and how she has contributed to the Climate Change rallies spanning across countries. Michelle returns with some thoughts from her peers on what it means to be to be environmentally-conscious as a member of Generation Z.


If you would like to learn more about ZED, please reach out to me at fiona@wearezed.com, or speak with ZED directly at hi@wearezed.com.