May 10, 2019

ZEITLINES | 05.10.2019

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It’s a good time to be a Torontonian.

For one, former T.O. resident-turned-English Duchess, Meghan Markle, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Archie this week, and we’re already ready for his first visit. On top of that, the city is buzzing with excitement, pride (and fear), with our Raptors heading into Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals against the rival Philadelphia 76’ers this Sunday. The cherry blossoms in High Park have bloomed, the sun is (sort of) out, and our spirits are high.

What’s more, Statistics Canada revealed this morning that Canada underwent its largest one-month employment gain ever recorded. With the impending arrival of new offices from Netflix and Amazon in Toronto, we’ve got a feeling that Toronto will be at the root of the country’s economic growth, and we’re hoping to break even more records in the coming months.

In this week’s Zeitlines, our Director of Client Success Jacob Barnes speaks about his Toronto pride, as it transforms into a major player in the world’s business and technology industries.

Let's Collide, Toronto
Jacob Barnes, Director of Client Success

Why I'm excited to finally attend tech conference in my own hometown.

Aside from the obvious benefits of avoiding airports and getting to sleep in my own bed, I am super excited to be attending what has been dubbed 'North America's fastest growing tech conference', Collision, in a few short weeks in Toronto. And while the lineup looks stellar, and Toronto's diverse food scene is sure to show up, what this represents for Toronto as a city is what has me so energized.

Having had the good fortune of attending another preeminent North American conference at SXSW in Austin, enjoying speakers, fantastic tacos and live music, and then heading to Montreal to experience the ultimate artistic representation of what a conference can be at C2 MTL, where Joe Beef and rosé on the river reigned supreme, there's something about Collision that has me particularly inspired. It just feels right to be hosting a delegation of attendees in one of the largest centres of commerce in North America and the hub of multiculturalism that is Toronto.

More importantly, it's a great example of Toronto unapologetically stepping into its rightful place as the leading business destination both in North America and globally. We've seen multiple examples of this lately, with Toronto chosen as Google's designation for the Smart City at Sidewalk Labs and as a finalist for Amazon HQ2 (and despite the podium finish, we're still seeing them bring more jobs and increasing their footprint in the city). Not to mention, the seemingly ubiquitous presence of incubators like OneEleven, DMZ and others throughout the city. This is why Mayor Tory is campaigning for more foreign investment, and even Premier Ford’s ‘Open for Business’ declaration.

Between my nervous excitement for Sunday’s Raptors Game 7, the feeling of Spring in the air (it’s almost here, I promise), and the unofficial kickoff to summer with the upcoming May long weekend, Collision promises to be a jam-packed week of learning and networking, paired with my futile attempts to get a selfie with my doppelgänger, Seth Rogen. It’s an exciting time for Toronto.

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