December 14, 2018

ZEITLINES | 12.14.18


Warning:  For marketers and gearheads!

#TBZ (Throw Back Zeitlines, of course) Once again, the cannabis sector experienced a change in course with the Ontario government’s announcement about the number of cannabis retail licences and 'lottery' system they’re going to deploy. It reminded us of the relevance of this Zeitlines piece our President, Kathy Murphy, wrote about how to manage a business when you’re working with an ever-evolving sector. 
As Santa finalizes his Naughty and Nice lists, our Sr. Content Creator Michael Kolberg is feeling pretty confident about where we can find his name.  To Michael we say…hmmmm…are you sure?!? Regardless of his own status, this week Michael takes us on a tour of all the new technology the content creator in your life (c’mon you know you’ve got one) wants for Christmas.
Community Manager Michelle Nguyen apparently has one thing on her list - Shawn Mendes. Find out why she said “no” to Shawn, and some advice she has for iconic apparel retailer, Roots, so she isn’t forced to say no again.


What your Content Creator Wants for Christmas

Michael Kolberg, Senior Content Creator
(and gearhead)

Trying to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for content creator on your list this holiday season? Here’s some fun gear that they’re salivating for, but were afraid to ask.

Atomos Ninja V

Source: Atomos

It might seem like a luxury to have an extra screen on top of your mirrorless rig, but this pocket-sized monitor and recorder will unlock the power of your camera to create even more gorgeous images. Being about to record up to 4k60p in 422 in such a tiny box is insane (trust me)! And at just over 5-inches, it fits in your case and is portable for solo shooting.

DJI Ronin-S

Source: DJI

The gimbal of the moment! The Ronin-S packs all of DJI’s incredible stabilization technology into a rig you can wield one-handed. Smooth cinematic shots previously only attainable with cranes, steadi-cam and jibs can virtually be replicated with this handheld wand.

Lowepro Flipside backpack

When we think about our gear it’s easy to forget that we have to carry it all with us. The Lowepro Flipside is a run-and-gun dream. Just enough space for what you need, and nothing more!

Now if only Content Creators could make our way onto Santa’s nice list…


Back to Your (Marketing) Roots

Michelle Nguyen, Community Manager

Our beloved all-Canadian brand Roots recently reported that sales fell short in the third quarter. Given their spot in the hearts of Canadians as the purveyors of warm clothes, nights-in and lazy grocery-runs, this news shocked me! The company cited a variety of reasons for the results that caused a re-forecast and their stock to drop, like an unseasonably warm fall and…wait for it…the absence of a larger marketing campaign?!?

First of all, every CMO in the western hemisphere should do a little happy dance here. If there is a lesson for corporates in this, perhaps it is a reminder that marketing does impact value. So bring on the marketing budgets!

But this news also made me think of the Shawn Mendes pop-up at the Eaton Centre last week. Out of nowhere, it was announced that Shawn Mendes was partnering with Roots on a new clothing line to celebrate his first-ever stadium show.  

Now, I do get that the whole point of a Pop-Up is for it to pop up out of nowhere. But…

as a 20-something millennial, I love Shawn. As do my friends. So, we all came together quickly to decide if we wanted to go because the merch is beautiful and, Shawn Mendes! But we decided against it. Why? The pop-up was announced only 24 hours before and was scheduled for a Tuesday at a time when Eaton’s is already slammed with Christmas shoppers. We envisioned a LONG line and sold-out stock by the time we made it to the front of the line anyway. These are assumptions that we jumped to, before we even tried it. We didn't try it. Have you ever been to a concert merch booth? They have plenty stock of all sizes and designs…until the end of the concert.

As millennials, we’re not big on waiting in line-ups. We’d rather wait for the clothes to go live online to purchase—at least we’d know if our size is available or not. Announcing a pop-up on a random day and at the busiest spot in Toronto dissuaded us. Maybe a lot of patient moms got in line for their teenagers. We sure didn't. Our take was that Roots simply hadn’t planned this well or they hadn’t planned on us. Was that assumption unfounded? Maybe. But based on the reasons for their quarterly results, maybe not.

This collaboration had  - and still has - the potential to be that “large marketing campaign” Roots is seeking and obviously needs. But if the rest of the customers they were counting on for this line are anything like me and my friends (and I suspect they are), they probably didn't get ‘the bang for their buck' with the Shawn Mendes Pop-Up. Understanding your audience is a key tenet of successful marketing.  C’mon Roots. Shawn Mendes *SWOON* understands me and HIS stock isn’t falling. I wish you did too!


What is your content creator getting this holiday season? Is it Shawn Mendes tickets? Send us an email at