April 5, 2019

ZEITLINES | 04.05.19

On Wednesday we launched ZED, an agency by and for Gen Z. So in celebration of that occasion we are handing over the reins this week. We sure couldn't say it any better!

Gen Zs: Coming to an Office Near You

Michelle Nguyen, Republic Community Manager, ZED Marketing & Network Manager

At this time last year, I was gearing up to have my interview at Republic for the summer internship position. I was terrified. Sure, I had my blog that racked up the visitor counts and I had solid grades—but it seemed like no qualification could really amount to me getting a job in the industry. I felt like the imposter of all imposters about to walk into the office and be exposed as a fraud.

And then I got the job.

Today, I’m Marketing and Network Manager of ZED, a network of 16 to 24-year-olds creating an agency for Gen Z, by Gen Z. I’m actively recruiting more Gen Zs just like me to join the network and build this agency from the ground up. Someone took a chance on me, and now I’m taking a chance on my peers because I know we can do it.

As internship season is upon us, interview with that Gen Z resume. Forget those stigmas about how we’re selfish or lazy, here’s what to really expect from us:

We’re always online.

There's no difference between work and life — we’re more about balancing it to make it seamless. Work gets done anywhere, anytime; without sacrificing either one. We’ve lived in this connected world of people and machines as long as we can remember. Our virtual life is all about writing the perfect Instagram caption or summing up our thoughts in 280 characters. I’ll take a detailed Slack message over a 30-minute meeting any day of the week.

We want transparency.

We grew up during the 2008 mortgage crisis. Some of us watched our parents lose their jobs and maybe even foreclose on a childhood home (or we saw it on TV) in this massive cloud of “corporate something-or-other” that we had no control over. No surprise we don't have a lot of trust for those faceless corporations. Annual report? We’d love to see it. Q3 budget? Send us a copy. Corporate Social Responsibility audit? Spill the damn tea, sis.

We’re entrepreneurial.

If we see that there’s a market for something that doesn’t exist yet, we’ll build it ourselves—and we’re not waiting up for anyone. We’re sick of unicorn pillows and mermaid crop-tops that are meant to evoke some sort of excitement in us. We want to talk about climate change, gender inequality, IoT and the AI takeover, combatting homelessness and a slew of other topics that others are too afraid to tackle. If you have a project that you want to get off the ground, invite that Gen Zer to the table and watch it come to life.

For anybody out there thinking about us as a gamble, you may want to rethink that. We are the entire blackjack table. Our spending power is at $143 billion and increasing every day. Tapping into what we actually want (not what you think we want) is what’s ultimately going to keep businesses afloat in the long game. Connect with the ZED Network and we’ll tell you what we really think of your zombie latte (Hint: No.)

Click here to learn more about Michelle, our community manager.

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