April 26, 2019

ZEITLINES | 04.26.19

With all of the awareness surrounding Earth Day and the current critical state of our planet, it’s been enlightening to see that many companies are making significant changes to their operations, specifically when it comes to packaging. For one, Guinness Beer just announced that they are following in the trail of Carlsberg, who recently ditched those stubborn plastic rings for safer, sustainable glue holding their 6-packs together. Additionally, massive beauty company L’Oréal has made huge improvements to their CO2 emissions, water consumption and has vowed to make 100% of their packaging reusable, refillable, or compostable by 2025.

In honour of Earth Day earlier this week, this week’s Zeitlines features a piece by our VP of Client Success, Joline Matika, explaining how there’s always more to be done when it comes to helping our planet thrive.

Post Earth Day Musings
Joline Matika, VP of Client Success

Joline, resident tree-hugger, here for a piece on my favourite topic: the environment.

In honour of Earth Day this past Monday, I wanted to share some elements of an article that both enlightened and demoralized me. Last week, VICE wrote about the harms of our best intentions – the things we do to save the world that are actually harming the world.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

1) Reusable bags are only good if you reuse them consistently for more than a decade, otherwise, we are killing the world with air and water contamination required to produce them.
2) Biodegradable and flushable wipes do not actually biodegrade or flush. We are choking the sewage pipes, destroying waterways and harming wildlife.
3) Crushin’ yo cans screws up the process at municipal sorting facilities.
4) Uber and Lyft are killing the planet with “deadhead” kilometres.

And just this morning, I was listening to a segment on The Current about Canada’s garbage filled shipping containers in the Philippines which segued to a conversation about how recycling is not actually good for the environment.

Somebody catch me.

We’re all taught, at a very young age, about the 3 R’s. We recycle with the best intentions, (again with those intentions). But it’s actually the other 2 R’s that we need to focus on. It’s on us to reduce and reuse. At the same time, we need industry and brands to make changes to their products so that the consumer doesn’t bear the burden.

At Republic, we believe in an emotion-driven economy. More so than ever before, consumers choose brands that are authentic, align with their values and strike an emotional chord with them. Many are making a concerted effort to do right by the environment, like Kruger explains in their Give a Crap campaign, but many others have much more to do. This action will not only create better connections with the environmentally-conscious consumer, but will create a healthier planet. As Kruger says, our planet should never be #2, so what are you doing to help?

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