May 31, 2019

ZEITLINES | 05.31.2019

With all of the excitement within our own city walls (we’re looking at you, Raptors…), we can’t help but feel like Toronto has suddenly become a destination. The month of May has welcomed dozens of journalists, reporters, celebrities and athletes to Toronto, and to our luck, the weather hasn’t been too tragic or embarrassing. With Drake as our guide, the city is buzzing with energy, pride, and unity.

Image c/o  @raptors

But we can’t ignore that travel bug. You know the one. Once spring rolls around, we cold-blooded Canadians crave, and deserve, a quick escape from our Northern roots.

Enter Mae. For this week’s Zeitlines, we asked our savvy Supervisor of Client Success about her most memorable vacation to date: Iceland.

A Virtual Tour of Iceland
By Mae Thomas, Supervisor of Client Success

Iceland is a beautiful country with a vast array of landscapes, some that make you feel like you're on another planet. While Icelandic people, food, music scene, and beer are reason enough to visit, the landscapes are truly unique. If you're planning a trip to Iceland, be sure to bookmark these 12 places on your trip around the Ring Road and beyond:

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