December 7, 2018

ZEITLINES | 12.07.18


This week in Zeitlines our Director of First Impressions Edyta McKindsey and VP of Client Success, Joline Matika give us some real food for thought. Edyta alerts us to the serious health dangers of sitting and encourages us to get up and save ourselves. Joline urges us to save the world by taking a new look at food waste. Speaking of food, we wrap this week with a little ditty about the increasing popularity of fruits and vegetables for infant names in 2018. Ooh baby, this is a good one!


Let’s Get Off Our Butts!

Edyta McKindsey, Director of First Impressions
(& wellness advocate)

Are you one of the millions who sit at a desk for eight hours or more a day? Is your back or neck bugging you as you sit reading this blog? Are you thinking about the next physio or massage appointment you need to make?

If so, it’s not surprising and you’re not alone. There has been a tremendous amount of research over the past few years around the risks of – wait for it – sitting. And how detrimental it is to our health.

Let’s start off by going over what actually happens to your body after prolonged sitting. Other than weight gain, our legs and glute muscles become weak, we get tight hips and a bad back, stiff shoulders and neck.   Maybe you’re thinking, “Thanks, Captain Obvious,” but wait - that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods actually increases your risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. On top of that add increased depression and anxiety to the mix.

In short, “sitting is the new smoking.”

It's a scary thought. Especially since the majority of us start our day by commuting to work either by car or transit. In other words…sitting. We get to work and we sit in front of a screen all day. We commute home…sitting and then sit on the sofa watching Netflix until we go to bed.

Shockingly, only 15% of Canadian adults get the 2.5 hours per week of recommended physical activity. That’s a measly 2.5 hours out of 168!

Not only are we killing ourselves, but companies are doing little to address this problem. If you currently don’t invest in corporate wellness, here are three reasons why you should:

1) Physically active employees are healthier and happier.

2) Healthy and active employees are more productive.

3) Healthy, active employees mean lower health costs.

It’s time for all of us - individuals and businesses alike - to literally get off our butts and do something about this problem before it becomes a crisis. Rise up, people, for the good of your health and the health of your business.


All the Single Bananas

Joline Matika, Vice President

When I go grocery shopping, I don’t climb to the back of the fridge to get the freshest milk, I buy things that are going to expire soon (expiry dates are not real). I love the “naturally imperfect” sections at Loblaw’s and I always take the single bananas. It’s not because I feel sorry for them or because I’m cheap, it’s because there’s nothing wrong with them. They’re at the perfect ripeness for my smoothies and I know that if I don’t take them, they will end up in the dumpster … along with the 31 billion dollars of food we as Canadians waste every year. It stresses me out to no end.

But all hope is not lost. There are now grocery stores in Europe that sell expired food, like Wefood in Copenhagen and The Good Food in German city of Cologne. France is the world's first country to ban grocery store waste. Gotta love the French and all their laws! There are tons of apps popping up that connect buyers with vendors looking to distribute edible food that would otherwise be thrown away. Brands are jumping on board too. Just this past October to raise awareness on food waste, Hellman’s teamed up with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment to feed an entire stadium food that would have otherwise been thrown out (Bravo Unilever and Ogilvy).

But Canada is late to the party. I wish I could say we’re a leader in the space – we’re actually one of the biggest wasters of food on the planet. So what can we do about it?   If we go out for dinner together, you better believe I’m taking the leftovers home. My family composts and my husband has become a pro at coming up with recipes using the food we have in our kitchen. And don’t even get me started on my mother-in-law.

So, if you haven’t already, the next time you’re at the grocery store and you see naturally imperfect produce and all those single bananas, consider making a small but meaningful change in your shopping behaviour.

“While it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary.” - Matt Bevin

Click here to learn more about our VP, Joline.


You’ve Got a Healthy Baby (Name)

Beverley Hammond, CEO

And speaking of bananas…

The trendiest baby names of 2018 are out and you’re not alone if you think the list looks more like the produce department at your local grocery store than the annual Babycenter Report.

Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple a few years back? Well, as all things the Goop founder touches seem to do (remember the “conscious uncoupling” craze?), millennial and Gen Z parents are making it a trend, bringing their love of natural food to life (literally) through fruit, vegetable and herb monikers.

This year there were 40% more girls named Kiwi and 35% more girls named Kale. Maple saw a 32% increase in popularity and Saffron a 31% bump. The selection of Rosemary, a name for the ages has also gone up by 20 percent. While most of the names are female, Sage is gaining in popularity for boys.

All in good taste, of course!


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